Ahna-Perpetual Warfare 12"

Canadians Ahna strike again with another piece of their doom/death/crust noise: I have posted some of their previous works here so there is no need for introduction, Perpetual Warfare is a five track ep and includes a bonus demo track from their upcoming "Crimson Dawn" lp,  This is available via Scream and Writhe, Chocking Hazard and Neanderthal Stench and of curse via the band and via band's bandcamp. The record comes in white marble vinyl and delivers the same Bolt Thrower influenced blending of crust, old school death metal with slow emotional doom metal parts, bringing screamed female vocals, hard hitting drumming that changes from partially fast to slow beat and heavy pummeling bass and tormenting metal guitar riffs reminiscent of Bolt Thrower of early days when a song slows down the pace, this has the roots in the late '80's and early '90's death metal scene but also is enriched with doom/crust elements; All and all this is monstrous piece of heavy music and delivers the goods


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