Doomed Again/Παροξυσμός-Doomed Paroxysm split 7"

This is the upcoming split ep with Doomed Again and Παροξυσμός, two bands from Greece that are familiar to this blog frequenters since i have posted their previous works: Doomed Again come from Thessaloniki and include members of Slaktgrav and Head Cleaner, they released Democracy R.I.P. cdr a few months ago (posted here). Here they deliver four tracks of D-beat crust, simillar to their first cd and slightly reminding a D-beat version of Napalm Death with brutal deep low vocals reminiscent of Barney's singing style. Short songs, metal flavored guitar sound, fast yet steady beat pace and sociopolitical  lyrics. Παροξυσμός started as one man band under the name Diseptic and released a split tape with Wormrot (posted here) and later was transformed into Παροξυσμός as one man band and released Χημικά Κατάλοιπα (Chemical waste) demo, Gods of Oblivion 7" and in this split it became duet with a third person doing some vocals in one song, future plans include a 12" lp with the Για πάντα στο σκοτάδι (Forever in darkness) cover songs digital release which appeared only on youtube (here) and the tracks from Χημικά Κατάλοιπα which came out only as digital release on bandcamp. Here they contribute three tracks influenced by the greek crust scene of '90's (Naytia, Panikos, Ashen Breath, Chaotic End etc). Fast, aggressive and thrashy crust with rough yelled vocals that sounds like a Chaotic End revival. Overall this split is a great piece of crust with each band delivering the goods in its own way  (Napalm Death and metal edged vs thrashy crust). Doomed Paroxysm will come out in a couple of months on  Clean Head Productions and Screamings Victim Recs

Doomed Again side
Παροξυσμός side

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