Ahna/Contorture-split 7"

This is the Ahna/Contorture-split ep, co-released by Neanderthal Stench Records (Belgium), What Is Making Us Sick (Canada), Active Rebellion (UK), and Into the Abyss (Austria).  Ahna was always a secret to me despite the many releases under their belt, until recently when i discovered them in their split with Cetascean (posted here). Here they contribute two heavy as hell songs of death metal driven crust, influenced by early Bolt Thrower, the first song has shouted/yelled vocals instead the usual deep low growls but that works really nice too. The brutal growls return in the second track and add some more goughness in band's sonic inferno, the heavy crust in well mixed with hints of doom/drony and punk-hardcore and deliver a piece of heavy and deathly pimitive crust created by a bassist and a drummer. Heavy as hell stuff. Contorture from Sweden is an all girl band connected with other bands such as Agrimonia, they formed a few years ago back in 2009 and released a six track demo and later the amazing Who's in Charge lp, here they contribute four songs of fast and raw D-beat crust following the Swedish tradition and deliver relentless D-beat full of manic wrath and power and raging vocals, their songs are short as fart, hardly make it over one minute. This is really great stuff that delivers the goods. I don't know who's side to preffer. both sound nice to my ears. Both bands uploaded their songs on bandcamp (along with their complete discograhies).

Contorture side
Ahna side

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