Warkrust-st ep 2013

"From the distant lands of southern Brazil, Warkrust is a massive sound raw aggression d-beat crust. Formed from the ruins of bands such as Disträto, Barulho Ensurdecedor and Chaka, the 4 members blend their sonic influences to create a unique, heavy, fast, loud, aggressive sound.  Razor sharp guitars, distorted bass, endless d-beat drum and rough female vocals, Warkrust is 101% D.I.Y. hardcore crust punk band. With a negative and apocalyptic theme, Warkrust not have a positive message for you. Listen at maximum volume."  The s/t ep was recorded in winter of 2013 in  Porto Alegre, Warkrust managed to capture intensity, power and brutality in these five tracks and deliver a piece of loud and brutal crust in the vein of old Extreme Noise Terror and Raw Noise. Brutal vocals, fast drumming, raging guitars, a distorted and vicious version of Discharge in high levels of speed and noise. All songs run in fast pace with only a few moments of slow intros, no fillers here, all songs are in the same level of frantic brutality and exterminty. This is really good. The ep is currently on bandcamp, the band is looking for label to release it as cd or vinyl. Recorded, mixed & mastered in by Sebastian Carsin in Hurricane Studio. Overall i can say this is a great piece of brutal crustcore in the vein of Raw Noise, E.N.T. and such bands, Warkrust appeared in Freedom Punker Vol 17 and Cuap3 comp and they are going to appear in the forthcoming Dis Freedom Struggle Continues Vol 2. I wish to hear new songs by them soon. Check them on stage in this vid.


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Warkrust - s/t EP