Absolut-Insane Power Demos tape 2013

Another raw punk rager, Absolut come from Toronto, Canada and they are not unknown to this blog, i have posted their first demo tape here, Absolut include people who were in Rammer, Saigon Distress Signal and other bands of local scene. These punks are really serious noise makers, Insane Power Demos is their second blast, it comes as cassette in a three fold out panel and with minimalistic artwork, it consists of the six songs of first demo tape plus four new songs, recorded durning the summer of 2013, this is not their latest release, they recently released their first lp named Punk Survival, hopefully to be posted here soon.In Insane Power Demos first come the six songs of first demo tape, the four new tracks deliver the same D-beat sonic hell the first demo brings with an endless feedback of raw, primitive and distorted noise, (D-beat) bashing drums, viciously cacophonous vocals, blasting guitar riffs and bass lines and some sick guitar solos, sound wise the noise is in the same level. All these come inspired by Discharge, Anti Cimex and other Scandinavian bands and played the way Disclose, Leprosy, Helpless, Electric Funeral and other bands did and doin'. The tape was released by Sub/Par Records and is also available from band's bandcamp page. All and all, this band rules and along with Aspects of War, Nomad, Koward and some more they deliver the noise at its finest rawness. Have a nice listening of it!

Demo tape '13
Insane power 4 new trax

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