Seitan-Krossa Våldspatriarkatet

Seitan is (was?) a D-beat/Crustcore band from Gothenburg (Sweden), they started in 2006/7, they include members from Leda, Agrimonia and Atomvinter and Krossa Våldspatriarkatet is their second release after D Beat Hippie Lovers CD on Inget Jävla Chafs Records. Krossa Våldspatriarkatet was released in 2012 and delivers twenty songs of brutal, fast and sometimes faster D-beat crust with brutal (dual) growling vocals and  rough guitar riffs, the usual  D-beat drumming is blended with some fast blasting parts, lyrics are mostly in Swedish (three songs are in English),sound quality is decent. All and all this is angry D-beat crust full of energy and wrath reminding something that lies between Skitsystem and Warcollapse. I don't know if they are still active, Leda in their myshit say they were "formed from the ashes of Seitan " anyone know details about it?. Anyway active of defunct they offer Krossa Våldspatriarkatet for free in their bandcamp. (thank you guys!). If you are into noisy D-beat crust give it a listening


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