Negligence-Change the Channel​.​.​.​There's Nothing On (tape,2012)

Negligence is a five piece crust act and they are not related with the Slovenian metalheads that pop up when you search "Negligence" in the web, they come from Boston, United States and Change the Channel​.​.​. is their tape released in autumn 2012. They are a fresh new band and as usual i don't know anyshit about and this time shame on me because they kick asses! The demo came out in 100 copies and is already sold out but if you want a copy contact the band via mail (find it in their bandcamp) since they are gonna have a few after-press tapes. Music wise the band delivers five tracks and nearly ten minutes of heavy and brutal with solid and decent sound, guitar riffs full of wrath and energy, the usual D-beat drumming is there and vocals are rough and brutal as hell. Cruuuuuusssttt!This is fuckin great and much more good than i expected, well done guys! No surprise for the sold out of the tape.
Next release by Negligence is a great combination in seven inch format with Aspects of War from Boston, they shared the stage in the past and considering the fact the tape releases of both acts are great then i expect something similar in quality in vinyl.
Many thanx to Dan for sending this,cheers and take!


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