Shade Of Mankind-Songs Thou Shall Worship

Here's the last of Shade of Mankind and Rodrigo (a.k.a. Roderick Hellion) from Porto Alegre, Brazil: For those who don't remember, Shade of Mankind is one man heavy crust band with death metal and grindcore influences and Fall Out is the first demo released in 2011. Songs Thou Shall Worship is a cover  album and brings six cover songs by bands that have influenced and inspired Roderick: So here we have songs by Integrity, Nasum, Chro-Mags, Amebix, Impaled Nazarene and Eyehategod. This time Roderick had a helping hand from people from Mairinque/Aluminio bands, Dehumanizer from  Umbra Morta (black metal) and Robson from Toxic Carnage (thrash metal). Sound quality is decent, guitar is heavy and tuned down, vocals are rough and brutal but the whole record seems to be recorded in different sessions (Integrity and Chro-Mags tracks sound quality is much different to the rest songs that have a much more raw feeling). Music wise Songs Thou Shall Worship is slightly different to Fall Out since the straight forward D-beat driven crust is missing and is replaced by the black metal, metallic crust  and other genres of covered bands. The cover includes artwork related with each band covered here so we see the gas masked bride and groom of Nasum, artwork from Who's the Enemy 7" of Amebix or Integrity's scull. Well done....
All and all this is a nice effort and a homage to Roderick's favorite bands, this is available for streaming and free download in bandcamp, an interesting review can be found in Manslaughter Thug Life zine



Manslaughter-Andy said...

Already a few months ago that I done it for my blog (before the "Songs Thou Shall Worship" was released), but if you maybe not know it by now then check it out if you like to!!! And, yes, one hell of a great band!!!
Cheers /// Andy

Manslaughter-Andy said...

Fuck, forgot the most improtant thing... the link ;-) - And so here it is:
Cheers /// Andy

Alma said...
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