Incrüst -A Hate Named Revolt demo 2012

Incrüst hail from Geneva, Switzerland and  this is their first demo recorded and released in 2012. The band was formed in 2010 and include people from Mumakil, Burning Flesh and Sedative, A Hate Named Revolt delivers six track including a Nasum cover and brings a blending of (death) metal-edged crust with D-beat and grindcore influences: Imagine Wolfbrigade or Tragedy leaving the guitar melody lines and adding some grindcore brutality, heaviness and feeling or Disfear making some steps into the death metal territory and you got Incrüst. Vocals vary from raging screams to brutal deep low growls, drums lead the songs with fast pace and help in creating the wall of noise, sound quality is excellent. And this statement by the band is great:” We would like to express the idea that we stand against sexism, pro-lifers, racism, nationalism and all types of fascism into the scenes as well as outside.” If you liked this then watch this amazing video made by the band. You can stream the demo in Soundcloud and click a like in their facebook page, download link is provided by the band.

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