Teething-st 7" (2012)

Metal with punk attitude is a great combination and that's what you got here: The band with the unusual name and cover artwork Teething come from Madrid, Spain, they started in summer 2011 and include people who were previously in The Marriage, Another Kind of Death or Dellamorte Dellamore, this 7" is their first official release after their two track contribution in Guilty of Being DIY comp, it came out limited to 250 copies and hand made DIY packaging on Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records, Odio Sonoro and Nooirax Producciones and it delivers six songs and a blending of metal, crust and hardcore in the vein of Converge and Integrity, sound quality is excellent. The sub-genre is not my cup of tea, but the ep is interesting and its nice to see metal bands follow the DIY pathway. This is offered for free in their bandcamp. Thanks to the band and apologies for the delay.


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