Revengeance - John Q. Citizen Demo Tape 2012

Thrashing guitar riffs, bashing drums, dual vocal attack, wrath and furry: This is Revengeance from Lisboa and Viana do Castelo, Portugal and John Q. Citizen is their demo tape, their discography includes also a split tape with Porto grinders Tinnitus on Degradagem Records. John Q. Citizen delivers eleven songs and nearly thirteen minutes of powerviolenc-esque fastcore with frantic fast drumming, thrashing guitar attack, rough male and shouted punky female attack revealing their thoughts and anger against society and crappy shit of life (well, i guess Amore Pero lyrics will hit the political correctness...). All songs are fast and sometimes faster, only a few slower parts until the next outbreak. Black Flag, Dropdead, Spazz, Negative Approach are among their influence but also Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror and many other bands. The demo tape is available for free in the bandcamp (you can read the lyrics while listening the tracks) and so does their side from the split with Tinnitus. Give it a listening and click a like in their facebook of just say them Olá! or fuck off or whatever. Mdfr dnld link is provided by the band (thanks!)

John Q. Citizen or here
split tape with Tinnitus

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