Distastrophy-Distort the future, distort the past (2012)

A blast of noise here! Distastrophy (great name!) come from New Hampshire, United States and is a duet including people of Ramlord. Distort the future, distort the past is their first demo, released in January '12 and delivers six tracks and nearly nine minutes of raw chaotic and noisy D-Beat. This is raw, raw and raw as the noisehell of Disclose, Electric Funeral, Hellkontrol and such acts, the tracks seem to come from different sessions or at least they sound so, the differences in sound quality level is audible from one track to another since some tracks sound louder (for the rest you have to turn up the volume). Distort the future, distort the past is my fav. track and Need more noise and God is the bastard are great too. This is free for downloading in their bandcamp page


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