Devastated-Demo 2011

I know only a handful of bands from Slovenia and most of them are fuckin great: Devastated is one of these, they come from Ilirska Bistrica,(yes,you know the place from Pissed, Robbed and Twatted 7") and this is their five track demo released in summer '11. I don't know anything about them and their myspace is invalid link, all i know is their European tour with Human Host Body in 2001. Anyway, the demo bring five tracks and fifteen minutes of crusty flavored hardcore full of energy: Vocals are rough, the double guitar attack brings catchy riffs with metal hints and some great leading guitar parts popping up all the time, there are some epic acoustic intros, beat is fast and steady and the sound quality is great, the artwork fits nicely with the music. This is available for free in their bandcamp, they say this was released in 2016(!) but they probably mean 2011. Ok, this is it, no more useless ranting,go listen it and get it!


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