Up the Indo Punx!!

You probably already know this freaking incident: 64 punks were arrested in Aceh, Indonesia by the police, they were forced to take bath and shave their hair and were sent to re-education camp/ This was on Jakarta Globe, BBC News, The Guardian and many other sites, the same shit happened about a year ago but only in this second case it became known to the rest of the world.
Living on the other side of globe and far from Indochina leaves you only a few chances for a symbolic solidarity and nothing for a direct help (sending mail to Indonesia embassy in your country, spread the word in the web e.tc.) There is the Aborted Society mixtapes for Aceh action, the Punk Aid:Jakarta Calling effort for an official compilation, the fb Support The Indonesian Aceh Punks!! group and probably some others... join 'em!

Disabled-No more life to be sacrificed 2011

Disabled come from Bandung, Indonesia, this is from their myshit: "We was born at 28 november 2008. before the name disabled, we use name distrom, we like sound d-beat,black metal,crust,grind,etc... we have some problem and we must loss one of vocalist, that is uwohxshock. at the end of 2010, this band have a dis-ordinary like the other bands. conflict and many more we must have. at 2011, boim (drummer) is out and we must to try with 3 person. and now, we are the 3, Bima on Drum, Ody just Vocal, and Garenk on Guitar. we born to say hallo d-beat!! disabled will be fucki'n special for all!!! DISCOGRAPHY SPLIT CD WITH WARPEACE (ITALY)"
The Dis-name says it all again: No more life... brings nine songs and nearly eighteen minutes of D-beat, a Disfear cover is included, there are dual vocals (the second voice is acid as hell) and the usual lyrical content. Sound quality in good level, i really enjoyed this shit, some tracks (re-recorded) appear in the split w Warpeace


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