Arseholocaust-Total arseholes demo 2011

"Started March 2011. Members; Tom(drums), Kieran(vox), Mark (guitar). Have been/are in other bands like; INEBRIATED,OCEAN OF ZERO,DREGS OF HUMANITY,GHETTO BLASTER,NATION OF HATE,MIDGET FETISH. Played a few gigs so far w/ TEARGAS, DEBACLE, UNKOWN TO GOD, HEROIN SS." (taken from their ReverbNation page)
Total Arsholes is the first demo of these Brisbane punks (Australia) and it delivers six songs and ten minutes of brutality: Heavy grinding crust with distorted brutal vocals and fast to mid paced drumming with some D-beat parts here and there (check Gateway to carnage) . Apart from Total arseholes they contribute one song in AusGrind's Hits of the summer compilation.Check their fuckbook page for more info, download link is provided by the band


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