Nerveskade-Noise pollution (tape,2011)

Noise, chaos and disorder from Portland, United States: Nerveskad's Noise pollution is a four cover song tape made for their 2011 Japanese tour and brings covers of Discharge, SS Decontrol, Disorder and Jerry Kids. Nothing less than chaos and distortion in the vein of Atrocious Madness, Lebenden Toten and the Japanese crushercrust bands (Confuse, GAI, Gloom etc), all tracks of their noise fathers are well covered, (unexpectedly) SS Decontrol is my favorite one.
The tape was released by Hardcore Survives and there is a seven inch version released by 540 Records. Nerveskade have a shitload of tapes, 7 and 12 inch ep's under their belt incl. splits with D-Clone and Perdition, check here for more. There are many links of Noise Pollution floating on the web, this one here was blatantly stolen from Vinyl Abuse blog (Tim, thank you!)


Anonymous said...

hardcore survives!

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ahahahah,yeah thanks!been drunk again!