Ewig Frost-Forgotten grimnes returns (cd 2003)

Old school black metal with crust punk attitude and anti-nazi lyrics? it sounds unusual and also exciting and that's what it is in this case: Ewig Frost come from Austria, they are a black metal trio and behind the black metal aesthetic and music there is a anti-NSBM background and this background gets more stronger by the bands they host in their link list in their site (Besthoven, Indoctrinate, Children of Technology, Kurwa Aparata etc), on the other hand, they reject being left winged band (read more details in their myspace there). Anyway, Forgotten Grimness Returns is a bit old, it was recorded in 2003 but it sounds like being recorded in Norway in early '90's, it came in slim case in the limited number of only 66 copies and bring five tracks and twenty minutes of old school black metal reminding of early Emperor and delivering high pitched acid vocals and raw guitars, the five songs seem to have been recorded in two different sessions (first two songs sound a little different to the last three), lyrics deal with the usual black metal topics (basically the left-winged stance is because of their anti nazi song). Apart from this demo, Ewig Frog have released Blue Septime Winters (2007, Ashen Productions) and Rust ep (2009, Noise of Dissent, band's own label), recently a split w Iron Fist was announced.


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