Wardogs/Kalazaar-split demo tape 2009

A split demo tape with two bands coming from Malaysia and Greece: Wardogs come from Malaysia "...started in late 04 with a few peoples in it known as SOCIAL SECURITY. After play a couple of shows later on S.S split coz of some problems occur, left only three of us. Early 06 we decided to formed back ad play some noise shit distorted to fuck hardcore since there's not much noisy band around. Later on Mario Pet join the band and already do some show with us. So now here's WAR DOGS .. ashes of the SS! ". this tape and a contribution in Disclosed A Tribute to Disclose cd is all i know about them. Kalazaar formed in Athens a few years ago and their discography includes the Back to '80's CDR, a split 7" with (A)-Truth and some appearances in compilations. Music wise both bands move in similar pathways, Wardogs bring six raw pieces of noise ala Disclose and Confuse while Kalazaar deliver seven tracks or raw and distorted anarchopunk in the vein of Disorder and Chaos UK. the tape is available for downloading in Kalazaar's blog.


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