Vivisect-Anarcho not peace punk demo 2011

Vivisect come from Huston,TX USA There is no any information about them in their myspace so and this eight track demo recorded this year must be one of their first recordings (they already have a tape called Vivisect the Bastards) . This was recorded in 2011 and its raw,noisy brutal and primitive with loads of chugga chugga. One intro, six tracks and one cover of Axerinder, some tracks are new, some appeared in their previous tape, (re-remixed though). This is free for downloading in bandcamp page of band. .



DOWN // PUNX said...

hey this is chuck from vivisect. this will actually be our second tape. we recorded this a couple weeks ago due to our own dissatisfaction with the first tape. we'll have these tapes with us on tour (July 29-August 21).

thanks for the post!!


7inchcrust said...

thanks Chuck!nice work,cheers and beers!