Disflesh-Long live the new flesh cdr (2007)

Disflesh is a two man D-Beat Armageddon from Almeria, Spain, they started in 2003 by a guy named 9mm and Long Live the New Flesh is their second demo after Warmageddon cdr (9mm Productions)/ tape (Slava Prod and Wolf Records) from 2004. the band has another demo called The Beginning of the End (2008) and a split cd with Catalonia's grinders Slugfeast (2009, Hecatombe Records).
Long live the new flesh was released by 9mm Productions (self-released) and delivers shitload of D-Beat, there are five tracks incl. covers of Anti Cimex and Amebix and comparing Long Live.. with Armageddon, there are less black metal hints and more straightforward D-Beat. The split cd w Slugfeast includes tracks from all demos, totally twelve songs and the four are taken from Long Live...
Disflesh now became a two man band with 9mm handling all instruments and B52 in vocal duties. Link is blatantly stolen from Vomitando HC blog (gracias!)


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