This is powerful D-beat crust from Philippines: Killratio hail from Manila, unfortunately i dont know anything about them but the Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line 4 way split cd (thanks dim) and i say unfortunately cos they fucking rule: Here you will get five songs of apocalyptic crust with great guitar melodies, D-beat elements and rough screamed vocals. Leading guitar parts are great with a few acoustic parts, songs move in fast tempo and there is not any bad shit to complain about the whole thing. I don't know where these tracks come from, a demo or a ep and even if come from the same release but one thing's for sure: this is fuckin amazing crust full of power. Songs last nearly fifteen minutes and the sound quality is decent
And since we are in Philippines, check Anthems from the Alleyways for some more Philippine punk


the wizard said...

Great post!! I can't really give you much background on the band, but they were fukkn excellent when I saw them in Lucena, Philippines and vocalist Zepol was a wonderful host. More third world hardcore::::cheers!!

..crucified freedom.. said...

Killratio are fckn awsome!.. thanks for posting this..

7inchcrust said...

thanks guys!

doesitmatter said...

You were right, they are really good!!

I did some looking around and I found that they have a 4way split out with Istukas Over Disneyland (Philippines), La Grita (California) and Eskapo (California). I found it in low quality on another blog:
VA - Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line
. I assume this is where these tracks are from.

Thanks for recommending this!

7inchcrust said...

i m glad you like it and thanks for the split info.
there are some really really good bands coming from places of world such as Indochina or South America or elsewhere and not from USA, Sweden and central/west Europe:,:Killratio, En El Abismo (Mex) Outlaw Bastards, Abysmal Fornikate (Malaysia), Hospise (Russia) and Desidia (Argentina)are some of the most i like cos deliver some quality (even sometimes without bringing something new) and not just wrath and anger behind the noisy shit

Anonymous said...

nothing to write home about.

Anonymous said...

tangina nyo mga ulol d kayo crust mga gagong poser