Ahora es Cuando-Demo 2008

Ahora es Cuando hail from Chile, they started in 2003 under the name Destruccion Masiva De Un Mundo Aparte and the next year they changed it to Ahora es Cuando, this demo was recorded in 2008. Music wise these dudes deliver an amazing blending of screamo post-hardcore with a few crust elements walking in the path of Yaphet Kotto, Envy, Anomie and the likes. There are five tracks here with dark melodies and melacholic leading parts, acoustic breaks, screamed vocals and beat changes. Power and anger are always there and some crust hints appear from time to time.The band seems to be politically awared and thats always a plus. Great demo, the songs last over thirteen minutes.



Malisha Old 666 said...

This is second time I'm writing this comment as first one never appeared. Maybe it will.
Anyway, I wanted to ask you if you could get a hold of Sabbah Navahthani's 2006 demo called "Melting Led Inside Your Throat". I've just found their album from 2007 and it's awesome sludge/doom/crust and now I want more. So, if you could help - it would be great, if not well... bad luck for me. If you don't know them surely check them out.

7inchcrust said...

i m afraid i can't help it:i know Sabbah Navahthani but never was much in to them. i don't have their demo, you should ask Mikexxx from Fifteen Counts of Arson

7inchcrust said...

actually this was the photo that made me stay away from Sabbah, this cross always reminds me of nazi related shit and i rejected them

Malisha Old 666 said...

Yeah, some bands may give you that bad vibe with their imagery or what not. In fact I was surprised when Seidr demo appeared on crust-demos 'cause the title "Blood In The Soil" gave me that nazi vibe. But I loved the demo. The guy with the cross plays in Electric Wizard now, so I'd say he's OK.
Anyway, thanx. I'll ask Mikexxx.
Up the punks.

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