Skallbrand-Mad Man's Rumble & Welcome to the Nuclear Suicide

Here's some smelly stinking kids from Kristianstad, Skåne, southern Sweden, Skallbrand formed in 2005 by former members of Quilpish, Magistrators and other acts. They first demo Mad Man's Rumble (cdr) came out in 2006 and one year later they recorded Welcome to the Nuclear Suicide (cdr), both demos are available here, first demo is a bit raw with the 80's guitar sound and there are some good moments there while the second has better sound quality. Music wise this is kängpunk having its roots in the dis-legacy of Anti Cimex, Totalitär, Shitlickers and others. Really good piece of shit

i said there
(tracks 1-4: from Mad Man's World, 5-10 from Welcome to the Nuclear Genocide)

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