Krash of Humanity-st cd 2009

Krash of Humanity is a five piece act from the province of Ascoli Piceno, Italy and include members of Anti-Apatia Collective, they formed in autumn of '08 and this is their six track cd, released in January of 2009 by Death Crush distro and Grezzi & Feroci Records. The cover artwork theme remimds me of Nuclear Death Terror's lp cover and its the sign of crust shit that is delivered: There are six tracks plus an intro and an outro of nearly twenty minutes of brutal grinding crust with raw and distorted guitar, deep low growling vocals and mid paced tempos delivering the hybrid of a crusty version of Prophecy of Doom's grindcore. Lyrics included (Martin growls in Italian but there are some texts in English), only 69 copies were made. The demo is available from Punk4free.


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