Heads and Heads-st one sided 12"

This is not a demo but one sided 12" offered for free by the band: Heads and Heads is a four piece act from Barcelona, Spain, they deliver melodic crust and include members of Das Plague. They have a split ep with El Eje del Mal and they are going to release a 4 way split lp with I Had Plans (Portugal), Plague Sermon (UK) and Last Days of a Kamikaze (Italy).
the st lp was released by a co-operation of labels (La Agonia de Vivir (Spain), Dance Tonight Records (Gemany), Le Cri Devot (France) Hombre Bueno Discos(Spain) and delivers five tracks and about 10 minutes of melodic crust very close to the Das Plague stuff: The guitar sound is slightly cleaner, there are slower acoustic parts, dark melodies everywhere and screamed vocals. Lyrics are in Spanish but there is translation in English in their myshit.


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