Asocial Terror Fabrication-Demo Tape 2009

Asocial Terror Fabrication is a 4 piece crasher crust outfit coming from,where else,but Japan.Formed around 2007,the band now consists of people who previously have played,or still are,playing in acts as Exclude,Abysstyx,and Krossa.Think you know what can you expect by people who play crust in the empire of the sun,this is Doom worship thing with Sore Throat mixed in the way,and add the flavour that,Life,maybe has.Final word is i think,you can add this demo tape alongside Isterismo and Kriegshog.This is theyre selfreleased demo tape with 5 tracks on it,put out this year,and if you want to score coppies of this,it's been distributed by Damaging Noise records in the states.So the verdict on this is,if you are a nervous guy as much as i am,you will,find this demo quite amusing and enjoyable.Puncture youre eardrums!!



the wizard said...

Briliant, I can't get enough of this tape, and now I don't even have to rip it myself! Great fkkn blog, don't stop...thanks!

gallo said...

Thanx a bunch Wiz....glad you took time for typing :)...means a lot... hugs from here!!!