Cry Havoc-Demo 2009

And going back to Sheffield again.Cry Havoc is a 4 member band,formed recently by people who have been playing previously in War Crimes,so i guess this is kinda new start for the guys that played there,since musically,what you hear on this recording,is not far from War Crimes.This demo,which is put out only online i think,has 3 tracks of some driving d-beat crust equal by power to Wolfbrigade,but with a bit more mettalic touch i think.The bassist does the vocal duties,and theres two guitars in this,from which youll get driving that will lay you on ground,and on almost every track on this demo,they throw some blistering metallic solos.These 3 tracks plus 5 more will be on their debut release,which should be expected soon i guess.Have fun.


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