Execution of Terror-Demo 2006

Execution of Terror come from Manila, Philippines, this is their demo cd recorded in 2006. A few things can be found in their myspace:"A d-beat crustcore band from different area in metro Manila and Antipolo. Was formed late 2005, and played loads of DIY crust/punk gigs. All the members are currently/formerly played in different bands, such as SABLAY, DISABUSE, BEFALL, D.O.T.S., STANDFAST, EYES OF FIRE & GUERRA MUNDIAL.... We are highly influenced by local/foreign crust/hardcore/metal bands.
the demo delivers five tracks of noisy D-beat/crustcore, the production is raw and makes the band sound noisy and brutal, the vocalist screams/yells helped by some backing vocals, there are some interesting guitar parts and nice leading guitar blending hardcore and crust while drums keep bashing all the time with only a few slower breaks. Demo's length is about fourteen minutes. No bad shit at all, wish only sound quality was better with thick heavier sound but in any case this demo is a good effort.


Diarrëia Crüst said...
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Diarrëia Crüst said...

Can you re-upload this album again?