Cancer Social-Preocupados Com O Caos (Demo 1995)

This was offered by Fernando Aquilini who runs Cause of Death zine blog: Cancer Social were from President Bernardes, Brazil. "Preocupados Com O Caos" was their demo tape recorded in 1995, ir delivers nine tracks of hardcore. The post in Cause of Death is in Portuguese so i can't understand what Fernando says, and from what i understand from babel translation is that the band was short lived.
Lyrics are Portuguese, the sound quality is in the usual levels of demo recordings:Noisy and raw

give it a try


Fernando Aquilini said...

hi friend.
here 5 more brazilian hc bandas from 90's.
save, listen and if you want some info from the bandas, ask me.
http://www.mediafire.com/?je5iyzznzm4 (very good)
http://www.mediafire.com/?ynn5nuxyyz1 (very good)
http://www.mediafire.com/?emncg2ntj24 (bad recording/ripping)
http://www.mediafire.com/?k3tgmno0jjj (very good)


7inchcrust said...

thanks Fernando
could you write down a few things about each band or at least give a link (site or myspace) if there is any?