Amöba-Mala i ruiner [2006,cd]

From their myspace:
"Amöba was formed in August 2005 in Malå, Umeå, Sweden, mainly because of boredom. We've been trying to play as fast as we can for one and a half year now. We have released two demos and there will be a 7'' out this summer. Our former bassplayer, Patrik, has left us and Elefinken doesn't play guitar anymore. Mange hates emo, John hates meat, Elefinken hates mankind and everybody hates us...
The 7" they talk about is""En Döende Värld" released in 2007 on Hardware Records and limited to 300 copies, ''Check their myspace for more details,. "Mala i ruiner " is the second Amöba demo recorded in autumn of 2006 and delivers eleven tracks of Swedish Rå-Punk Mangel blending Totalitar and Mob 47,
01:Ut med packet
03:I vaentan pa liemannen
04:Evolutionens misstag
05:En fraga om klass
06:En fraga om klass
07:Frihetens land
09:Ut i krig
10:I Hitlers spar
11:Om det vore ni

Amöba-Mala i ruiner

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