Abnorm/Rajoitus/Zudas Krust-3 way split cd

A few days ago i was thinking about posting this but i was too tired so i canceled it for sometime later, then next morning i a comment made by Bergman, the drummer of Abnorm, came in, well thats perfect timing
Abnorm hail from Boras, Sweden, they formed in winter 1999 but they recorded tracks for first time in 2005, you can see a detailed biography here, their discography is: "Multinationella Horor" (2006), "Ert Jävla System Kan Fan Brinna I Helvetet Era Satans As"(2006), Enough (2007) plus a split 7" w Rajoitus (2006) and a 3-way split w Rajoitus and Zudas Krust from Indonesia They also contributed tracks in several compilations.
Abnorm offer for free their recorded material in their website, its good enough to give it a try, on the other hand Rajoitus offer for free their releases in Last.fm. ("Historia Kusessa" [7",1996], "Nyt On Kuolema Täällä" [7,1998]"Systeemiin Naulittu" [7,2000], Discography cd,2003 and "Hat Mörker Amfetamin" [2005,lp-cd.
And finally, in another manifestation of this perfect timing, Essak the bassist of Zudas Krust, (D-beat crust from East & South Jakarta, Indonesia) made a comment in 7inchcrust putting the link of the 3 way split, give it a try too :)


Marko (ABNORM/RAJOITUS) said...


balbulus said...

Hi, thought you might be interested in this band for one of your blogs: Crow were a band from Whitstable in Kent, UK, during the early 90s, who played a hybrid of Tribal Psych/Prog/Crust/Punk. (Imagine Hawkwind/Ozrics mixed with Killing Joke). They have recently reformed after 13 years. Here are links to their two cassette demo albums:



You can read info on them at:




I hope you're interested in featuring them, my own blog is too small really, and I think more people should hear them.

All the best


7inchcrust said...

hi John
thanks for this demo,sounds interesting,i will post it a.s.p.

Bergman said...

thanks for posting this one. i'm the drummer in abnorm. also have a blog with all different kinds of music. cheers

Bergman said...

oh sorry that i commented, didn't realise that i had given your site a comment before i wrote just now =P

7inchcrust said...

aha no problem its ok
cheers :)

capitalicide said...

i just saw morne last week.we played with em

hey can you post this on yer blog for me? im trying to get it out as mutch as possible!
i play in this band germ attak and this my new band,No Solution. we just put out a 21-track tape.its all covers so far.its better than name dropping your influeneces hehehe..
these are the songs covered:

fight for freedom (existenz)
don't forget the chaos (exploited
arms race (bgk)
castidade (olho seco)
blodig stad (absurd)
victimized (chaos uk)
317 nitter (enola gay)
attacco (eu's arse)
fear of war (dr. know)
the plague (the sinyx)
disinfect (headcleaners)
fuck the tories (riot squad)
la nuit noire (berurier noir)
outo maa (terveet kadet)
don't give up (bristles)
ain't no feeble bastard (discharge
doomsday troops (e.a.t.e.r.)
tio timmar (moderat likvidation
attack (rappresaglia)
uskonsota (kaaos)
another religion,another war (varukers)

you listen to all the songs here: ( this link might expire)
if that link doesnt work,try:
please spread these mp3s as much as possible. i also included a printable demo-tape cover.

also heres another local band's demo ,"Schizophasia" ..

if that link doesnt work,try:
its 4 songs of confuse meets hawkwind brutality...
let me know what you think!

7inchcrust said...

thanks for these demos, i will post both tapes as soon as possible