Return of the Terror-Stop,drop,fuck pop ('08) & Demo '07

Here 's a band from Flint, Michigan USA, including Stewart from Seein Red blog in its ranks. This is the text from their website:
"R.O.T. started back in the winter of 2007. Stewart and Nick decided it would be cool to record a few fastcore songs. We recorded the '07 demo in one night out in our garage in below zero weather on a fucking play station 2 mic. Then at the begging of summer '08 we decided to get some serious songs. Nick had a side project with Alan. We then decided the best line up would be to combine bands and switch Alan from drums to vocals... "
'07 is a three track piece of noise,50 seconds long. In "Stop,drop, fuck pop" they decided to get more serious and despite songs are too short they seem to handle it in better way. Brutality is always there, the vocalist sounds like a madman, tempos vary from fast to faster, there is even one ..ehhhmm.. slower/midpaced track
Honestly speaking i don't want to say a bad word but i find nothing to make these demos something better than the majority of other demos that pop up here and there, they should try harder, check their myspace and their webpage and download both demos

Demo '07: here
Stop,drop,fuck pop ('08) here or here

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