Dissystema-Rawpunk holocaust

I recently bought Dissystema's "Eye of the storm" 7" and their 1o" split with Earth Today and i was really impressed. these dudes rule for sure. Dissystema hail from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. They formed in 2002 and "Rawpunk holocaust" is their second demo recorded in late 2002/early 2003 following their first 5 track demo (2002).
they have released some splits (w Holokaust (Cries of Pain,2003),Earth Today(Undislessed Rec.s.2003) and Endless Nightmare, (selfreleased,2005), the "Grim prospects of our lives lp (Putrid Filth Conspiracy,2004) and recently the "The silent earth lp (Final Attempt and cd version on Endless Brutality of Men). Endless Brutality released also "3 Years in Hell 2002 - 2005: Discography",a 40 track cd containing all the mentioned here releases plus some previously unreleased tracks ("Eye of the storm" is not included)
i found "Rawpunk holocaust" in band's website a few years ago but never listened it until the day i bought their split w Earth Today, then i checked it and i find it worth to be here:Eleven tracks of rough and raging crust strongly influenced by the Swedish scene with excellent lyrics, if you are into State of Fear, go get it, its worth to crust your ears..
01:Our Streets are paved with their blood
02:Bad medicine
03:Patriot consumer
04:No wars
05:You think you know
06:Veterans of brainwash
07:Out of work out of power
08: BC Nightmare
09:Cries of pain (Anti Cimex)
10:Against this cycle of death
11:Dollars and sense

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