Under The Ruins-Alcoholized ways (cd,2007)

Raging hardcore from Distrito Federal, Brazil, heavily influenced by the scandinavian scene (swedish hardcore/crustcore, finnish hardcore), four tracks. 14:45 total running time, descent production and catchy riffs, some metal traces here and there, lyrics in english (included in the inside of cd). This is a text taken from band's myspace:
The name "Under The Ruins" has been removed from a stretch of music "Victims of a bombraid" of the Anti-Cimex which is the greater influence as well. Formed in feb/2006 enjoying a succession of good facts that happened in these season. The letters talk about Pessimism , Despair , Hopeless , Loneliness and Violent Boozes. The songs carry influences of Hardcore / Metal Scandinavian and rock'n'Roll 80's unintentionally present anything new just a way of playing what we really like. The band currently is preparing for a new recording while spreads on the net and hands his first ep recorded in April 2007 entitled "Alcoholized Ways" containing 4 songs
01:Blind dove
02:Bells of death
03:Another stoner day
04:Look at the fading sky

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