Stress-Tierra y libertad (tape,2001)/Josemaki Crust Orchestra-Soliloquio (cd,2007)

Here we have two demos, kindly offered by the artists. Josemaki Crust Orchestra is a noise / grindcore one-man-band from Madrid,Spain while Stress hail from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.
J.C.O. sent this anonymously via a comment, (thanks dude and sorry for been to late posting it). "Soliloquido" was recorded in 2007 and consists of seven tracks of grindcore balancing to the borderlines of noise and sounds very close to japanese noise grindcore . The vocals are distorted, drums are played by a machine and the guitar is chaotic, if you are into this kind of extreme music then this is for you, idon't understand not a fucking word in JCO's myspace but Dani seems to have another project called Josemaki Grind Orchestra (!), there are two JGO recordings available there for downloading and they are very close to "Soliloquido" stuff...
Josemaki Crust Orchestra-Soliloquido Josemaki Grind Orchestra-II & Del fatalismo al optimismo desbordado

Stress is a long standing grindcore band from Mexico and since this demo has the title of my favorite movie it was a good reason to check it, In their myspace they have put a list of grindcore bands of 80's and 90's as influences (Napalm Death, Disrupt,Nausea(NY),Sore Throat,E.N.T. etc) plus a list of philosophers most of them anarchists of 19th century so you know what you should expect here: Old school grindcore inspired by all these old legends plus the strongly political lyrics. "Tierra y Libertad" consists of 13 tracks and approximately 14 minutes total running time. There are even some a-few-seconds-tracks
Stress started back in 1994, according the their myspace "Tierra y libertad" was their first demo, they also contributed track in several tributes (to Anarchus, Fear of God, Masacre 68) and other compilations

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for posting my demos!!! You have a good ear, the reference to Japanese noisy HC is right on spot, I aimed at that freaked out guitar sound.

Some of the Grind Orchestra tracks were released on a split with another one-man grind project from Madrid, APISONADORA. If you are interested I can upload the Apisonadora tracks or even send you a copy ;).

Anyway, thanks again for all your work here in your blog, definitely one of the best I've come across.

I'm transfering to mp3 some cassette demos and comps from Polish and Czech crust bands, I will leave a link when it's done.


7inchcrust said...

hi Dani
sorry for been too late posting the demo, too much trouble in a drunk wrecked mind...:)
After checking your myspace i thought something was going on with
a band called Apisonadora but my spanish are zero level...

and thanks for these polish and czech demos :)

CadávEr Muerto said...

cheers from Stress, thanks for the review...

Poyo core/vocal