Scatha-Before the dust settles

Lets spread the word of old Scottish crust legends Scatha: Scatha was a crust band from Tomintoul,a village in the Aberdeenshire Council Area, formed by former members of Sedition, Dissafect and Stretcheads, (see more here and a detailed biography with lots of infos in their myspace). " Before the dust settles " is a cd compilation released on MCR Company consisting demo, live, rehearsal recordings and compilation tracks. This is "Before..." and not "After the dust settles" which is their entire discography cd (available on Hardcore Holocaust, Profane Existence etc), actually "Before.." is a internet release available for downloading in Scatha's Myspace in mp3 format incl. front/back cd covers.
The production of compilation is raw, not shitty though and since the tracks come from different recordings you may find differences in sound quality from track to track, i guess thats not problem since compilations like this aim to bring to light forgotten moments of legendary bands.
01. Necrophobia(Comp track)
02. Mannan Weeps(Practice)
03. Blinded By Sight(Practice)
04. Prognostication(Practice)
05. How Does It Feel To Be Already Dead, Mother
06. Blinded By Sight(Demo)
07. Prognostication(Demo)
08. I Am One(Demo)
09. Respect,Protect,Reconnect(Live)
10. Why Fur(Live)
11. Bloodsuckers(Live)
12. Birth, Life & Death(Live)
13. Universe - I Am One(Live)
14. Androgyne(Live)
15. From The Heart(Live)
16. Fuck The System(Live)
17. Necrophobia(Live)

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rayss said...

hi can you upload a folder for these songs, i cant find the download anywhere.
ray ss