Revolt-Metal crusties attack (cdr,2002)

Revolt is the absolute Amebix/Axegrinder worship. They hail from Saitama,Japan and "Metal crusties attack" is their demo cdr.
Apart from this, there are some other demo recordings, all i know about about official releases is "Gates of holocaust" lp (2007,Awesome Moshpower Records). they also appeared in "Crust night 2002" comp
Metal crusties attack was recorded in 2002, it consists eight tracks, four studio songs and four live recordings. Their heavy metallic crust is a homage to Amebix and Axegrinder and continues the tradition of Effigy and Zoe:The songs are too long (five or six minutes each), the guitars deliver heavy tuned down riffage and tempos vary from midpace to slow, the deep low shouting vocals complete the dark apocalyptic atmosphere. The cover artwork is simple black n white and letter font is in the vein of old school crust drawning, the production is descent in the studio tracks and they managed to keep the sound quality of live recordings in a good level
in "Gate of holocaust" they keep delivering the gloomy crust, an excellent choice for the lovers of metallic crust .(and just like Zoe and Effigy, they have there a track called "From hell")
thanks to Uzername for bringing to light this jewel.
01:Opening (studio)
02:War scars (studio)
03:Destiny of doom (studio)
04:Requiem (studio)
05:Air raids (live)
06:Holocaust (live)
07:destiny of doom (live)
08:Escape to safety (live)


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