Hellbastard-Live tape (bootleg,1989)

This is a Hellbastard live bootleg tape and this is the second and last post taken from Audio Heaven. No infos about where the recording comes from but the year must be 1989. 4 tracks and about 21 minutes of thrash metal edged crust and the sound quality is neither perfect nor bad
The tracks here come from "Heading for internal darkness" lp, "They brought death" ep and "Ripper Crust" tape.("Death from above" appears for first time in official release in the CD exclusives of "Natural order" 1990.
We have bad luck and we miss a small video form this gig:in the beginning of "They brought death" Scruff announces "a new song called They brought death" and talks about "some positive mental attitude" etc. when i first heard it i had a deja vu, then i remembered a video on Youtube with Scruff saying exactly these words but can't find it right now..
01:Heading for internal darkness
02:We had no evidence
03:They brought death
04:Death from above

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