Disrupt-Demo 88 (tape)

Here's the first Disrupt recording ever: A four track demo tape recorded in 1988 and it was brought to light by Tony Leone the first bassist of Disrupt:Tony was for about three weeks member (and founding member) of Disrupt and according to his myspace these tracks were recorded in their very first days of band.
These tracks were composed by Pete Kamarinos and Jay Stiles and are not included in "The rest" 2xcd, a comp of rare demo and live recordings released by Relapse Records:Tony had the tape and gave it to Kamarinos but it was too late because Relapse had already settled the remastering works of all old rarities included in "The rest" comp.
Anyway here's this old rarity:
1:Another child dies
2:Murder king
3:A povertist's value

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Anonymous said...

thanks alot, finally a download of this.