Genocide-Toxic metal (tape,1984)

Genocide were a pre-Repulsion band:They were formed around 1984,they recorded three demo tapes ("Toxic metal"(1984),"Violent death"(6 tracks,1985) and "WFBE a.k.a. "Stench of Burning Death",11 tracks,1986,witch became the main body for the "Horrified " lp,one of the first grindcore official releases ever.
No need to say anything about Repulsion.Toxic metal, also known as 11/84 Rehearsal Demo was their first tape, it was recorded in November 1984 and its a three track shitty noise assault. It is included in the 2cd re-release of "Horrified" along with the rest Genocide and Repulsion demos(2cd, 2003,Relapse Rec.s,),in 20006 it was re-re-released as double vinyl by Southern Lord Rec.s incl. all these rarities.
1:Armies of the dead
2:Satan's whores
3:Crack of doom


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