Harum Scarum-demo(tape,1999)

Here's another great band from Portland, i had found some nice records of them but delaying to make an order i lost the chance,shame on me... Harum Scarum was formed in Portland in late 90's, they released two 7"s(Corporate pennis 7"(Live Transmission Rec.s) and split w Stupor(Malarie) and three lp''s:"Mental health"(Tribal War),"Suppose we try"(Hex Rec.s) and "the last light"(Partners in Crime).There is also the live cd/tape in MKNZ Slovenia(Nikt Nic Nie Vie)
This is their demo tape from 1999 with twelve tracks of anarchopunk feeling and melodies, hardcore riffs, raw sound and three girls singing riot grrrl/queerpunk messages in their lyrics. I had the chance to see them live about 8-10 ago and they were great
02:I like you
05:Same story
06:Corporate penies
07:Bible belt
08:Systematic death
09:Walk away
10:Life in a 3-Peice suit
12:Civilization's dying (Zero Boys)


Lukas said...

Incredible band... this is the first time I've listened to them. And to think this is the impression I got from just a demo?! wow. Anyway, thanks a bunch for posting this.

Olivia P. said...

"File not found" :'(