Summon the Crows-Demo

Summon the Crows was formed in 2000 in Oslo Norway including members from 1/3 Lost(a.k.a. Hiroshima 060845), Alltid Jaget and Statens Menn .Due to many line up changes were inactive for long time. Their discography is the eponymous ep(2003,Nakkeskudd Plater Records) and "Scavenger feast" lp(2006,Nakkeskudd Plater/Cradle to the Grave Records). The demo here is their first recorded material,recorded back in 2000 and released by Thought Crime Records, delivering six tracks of brutal crust with metal elements, old school black metal feeling, hoarse growling vocals with angry lyrics, blast beats and raw production. The band wasn't satisfied by this demo and their playing, they wanted to make another recording for Thought Crime but this never happened.
These tracks are taken from StC old website that it seems to be dead for ages, not quite sure about the right track order,txt files with lyrics included in the rar folder.. Summon the Crows took their name inspired by an old myth
check their myspace for infos:
Summon the Crows Myspace
1:So the mindless dance continues
5:State of decay
6:Sterile Eden

Summon the Crows-demo
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