Acrostix-Demo (tape,2003)

Here's a crust band from Japan and their first demo in a nice mixture of japanese hardcore (Systematic Death,Poison and the likes) and english metallic crust (Amebix). Acrostix discography includes as far as i know this demo tape, the "Truth turned gray with justice" 7" (Black Water records), a split LP with Contrast Attitude (2004,Crust War) and "(A chain) of hatred" 12" ep(2006,Whisper in Darkness). They also covered Chain reaction and Spoils of victory in the first japanese Amebix tribute record.i dont know why the split lp is not mentioned in their website.
Anyway, their demo was recorded in 2003 and consists four tracks of heavy crust, if you like metallic crust strongly influenced by the japanese spirit,then this is for you.
Acrostix website
1:Intro & Into darkness
2:Bite a mail
3:Filth chain

Acrostix Demo
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good band