Morbid Axe-Rehersal

Morbid Axe is a old school grindcore/deathgrind band from Morioka city , Iwate, Japan. They were formed in 2004 and they have released until now the Live at MACANA,Sendai '05.09.17 CD-R(2005), Cattle Mutilation CDR(2006), and the Grind Up Your Ass (2007) full length. I had never heard anything about them but i found this 9 track rehersal video on Youtube and their website and they are fuckin great, Enjoy it and check their website for more infos,details samples and more videos


Anonymous said...

puro grindcore del viejo!!!
esta genial esta banda ql...
si se pudiera subir el demo de estos japoneses se agradeceria

aaaaaaaa said...

this homophob assholes suck!