Stateless in the Universe-demo (tape,1997)

I bought this tape from the band in a gig in a squat ten years ago (the last moment i didn't buy a tape with Generation of Chaos demo and i after so many years i m thinking of my stupidity..)
Stateless in the Universe was formed in mid 90's in Thessaloniki Greece including Sonia the drummer of legendary Naytia. This is their demo tape recorded sometime in winter of 1997/98. They also released a split LP with the Austrian punks Knallkopf and disbanded after a tour in Europe.
Their demo tape is a mix of crust/hardcore, there are some metal influences (Foreigner / stranger), even some ska parts(They always aim at the brain). Male/female vocals, a live track is included but the demo production is weak. Tape's cover has folder with lyrics and translation, lyrics deal with socio-politics as usual.
Members later went on with Laternativa (ska-punk) and One Drop(reggae)
1: I start all over again
2:Mass media are...
3:Over the city
6:Love song
7:To find your lost power
8:They always aim at the brain


7inchcrust said...
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XALEX said...

i wana see here a demo that i have
what i need to do?
sorry aboutmy inglesh


7inchcrust said...

Hi Alex
you could upload it somewhere and make a comment here putting the link and writing some information about the band