Uprising-demo (cd,2003)

Uprising is a political crust band from Michigan, USA. They were formed around 2002/03 and their discography (as far as i know) includes a spit w Contravene,(catchphraze Rec.s,2004) still available, and the "As long as there is a profit to be made" 7"(Acts of Attrition/Incendiary Sound Records)
Unfortunately their old web site is down but you can find some infos in their myspace:
The demo here, is a cd with a bunch of tracks according to the cover "not good enough to appear on vinyl" but i think they are wrong: these tracks are good enough, the band seems to pe pissed and what they deliver is not crap but a metallic version of Contravene. Raw production, ungry vocals and political lyrics, fast/midpaced tempos, nice breaks and having heard their split w Contravene i know what they can deliver and i find nothing bad here. Killing For Profit is one of Uprising tracks in this split.
1. Scene of insanity
2. Killing for profit
3. Papal mind rape
4. Capitalist terrorism
5. Crusade for oil
6. White lies


Unknown said...

Can you reupload this? the download link doesn't work right anymore. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, never expected to see this again! Thanks for the kind words, but those tracks were just sooo bad. I mean we recorded them in Isaac's basement with a 4 track. Fortunately all but one of these tracks appears on an actual record (Capitalist terrorism was never recorded and White Lies was never released despite Tymm's fucking awesome bass solo). But seriously, I'm really glad that that little demo is appreciated.

Something interesting to note about this demo, there were only ever 35 made and we had taken old hard disks (the floppy kind) and made a really neat package for them. I think it we included a little "warning" label that warned that extended exposure would cause rectal bleeding. Isaac was completely responsible for the awesome packaging, as well as all the rest of the art for Uprising.

Yes, you are correct, the only records we released was the Contravene split and 'As Long As There's a Profit To Be Made EP' which I still have several hundred copies of. If anyone wants a copy write me at uprisedetroit@gmail.com

We have 4 other tracks recorded that we could release in the future, but I lack the motivation and funds at the moment. I did just re work the mix on those 4 tracks and will eventually update them on our MySpace. The last 4 tracks are a lot different from the EP and split, we started to take heavier influences from our contemporaries like Kakistocracy, Tragedy and Nux Vomica. Again, I'll be happy to send out MP3s of those tracks, just email me.

-Nate (uprisedetroit@gmail.com)