Nervous SS ‎– Future Extinction LP

Nervous SS started in Skopje about a year ago with the 7 Track EP being their debut recording, the band was formed by the former drummer of raw punks Disease, it started as one man band and later with the addition of another guy on bass duties.
Future Extinction is the 2nd release of the band, it comes out as vinyl by D-Takt & Råpunk Records in 350 copies (250 black and 100 blue vinyls) and follows the same pathways as the 7 Track EP:  Future Extinction is away from the Disease legacy and delivers kängpunk/D-beat punk, primitive and raw, sometimes brutal and sometimes catchy. There's a strong Totalitär influence all over the record as well a cover song. The record comes with booklet, is lengthy since it lasts over 32 minutes,available for srteaming in bandcamp and for sale from the band,the label and other distros

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