Scavengers Circle - Beyond Repair

Scavengers Circle come from Västerås, Sweden (and originally also from Zagreb, Croatia) and Beyond Repair s their debut recording, available in bandcamp. The band is a duet with one guy plays the bass and the guitar and the other one sitting behibd the drum kit, both handle the vocal duties.
There will be a cd, self-released by the band and a cassette, released by Masasiorangutan Records from Indonesia.
Beyond Repair was recorded in December 2019, the sound quality is excellent, the recording consists of 6 tracks and nearly 13 minutes of a cool and interesting blending of punk, crust, D-beat and metal, all thrown in band's cauldtron. The band moves in the crust punk territory,  there are metal elements, there is a variety since the band delivers a nice appoach in each track and avoid to sound dull and repetitive, some crust punk here, some D-beat there, sometimes slower or more metallic here, some hints of melody there etc etc and all covered with a crusty guitar sound and the typical for the genre rough vocals.
All and all this was a nice surprise and an interesting debut release. Hope to hear more by them. Apart from the cd and cassette, the band also has thoughts about vinyl release. Check it in bandcamp (lyrics available) and Youtube.


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