Swordwielder - System Overlord (tape)

Stenchcore crusties Swordwielder from Gothenburg, Sweden, released System Overlord on Profane Existence and Scream Records. System Overlord is a piece of brilliant stenchcore heavily influenced by the classic bands of UK scene of mid-late '80's. A cool review is here and you will find more in PE's site and everywhere in the web, i don't need to samy more you probably have listened in or already have got the record, . Now Hardcore Hell and Deleted Records from Malaysia co-release the cassette version. A song titled Narodnik couldnt fit the vinyl but according to the band it will be in cassette and cd version, so it seems you will find it here.

Hardcore Hell store
Hardcore Hell bandcamp
System Overlord on Profane Existence bandcamp

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