Speedköbra - Days of madness LP

Speedköbra is a Crust Metal Punk band from Berlin, Germoney, Days of madness is their new LP, after the splits with Strönt and Moratory. Days of madness comes in 500 copies and several colors (red,blue, pastel, green, purple and black) and just came out for band's European tour. it consists of ten tracks of crusty flavored metal punk/Crust n Roll. Recorded by Speedkobra, mixed by Steve Scanu and mastered by Deadair Studio. Artwork by Edu Proskurink.Layout by Noise Armada.
This album is another D.I.Y. conspiracy produced by Speedkobra with the collaboration of Angry-Voice, Svoboda Records, Red Wine Rites Records, Totalpunk Records, Dirty Immigrant Records, Veghangover Productions, Chainbreaker Records, Fallen Crow Records, Ganamala Autoproduzioni, Misericord, Pirate Crew Records, Saetta Autoproduzioni, Bari HC and Aback distribution.


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